The Holistic Glow-Up Part 3: Tending your Garden

Holistic Glow-Up Part 3 – Tending Your Garden.

We started the holistic glow up process by looking within ourselves, finding our passions and truths and then showing gratitude for all those blessings. It is now time to look without. It is time to be selfless and guide our energy into making a difference. It doesn’t matter how small the gesture may seem; we all know the truism “mighty oaks from little acorns grow” and sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

_MG_4644We are all moved by different things, some of them may be concerns for friends, family and neighbours who are having to self-isolate at the moment due to their age or health conditions. They may be vulnerable, frightened and feel alone with worries both practical and emotional. A small gift would make a huge difference to that person’s health and wellbeing, the gift of time – something some of us have an abundance of right now, through our own isolation.

There are safe and powerful ways you can help lift that gloom, a chat across the street or on the phone, picking up groceries, helping with minor tasks. Making a difference doesn’t have to be a macro deal. Micro is good too.

Many of us are living in a lockdown bubble which has, in the main resulted in greater kindness and compassion towards people. I do hear neighbours shout across hedges to one another, offer to pick up shopping; and all those good things I mentioned earlier are easy, and come about easily enough.

Every week a large number of us stand at our windows and doors to clap and show support for our hardworking NHS staff, and YES it is a beautiful way to show appreciation for all those hard working people, and gives us a sense of community, and shared appreciation. It makes us feel good too. But it shouldn’t end there. It is as important to be aware of their needs, the challenges they and other key workers face right now, and – most importantly – are they being met. Just as you would ask a neighbour how they’re doing and what they might need.

Bringing about positive change is easy, just like shouting ‘hello’ over the fence. Once you understand the issues, the concerns, you can take to social media to raise their profile, sign and share a petition, write to your MP. Every small action grows into a bigger one. Our healthcare and other key workers need our appreciation more than ever, they also need our informed support.

Tending your garden, metaphorically speaking is about giving your energy and care to something outside of yourself so that it can flourish. It is about freely giving care and energy to wider societal and environmental issues at a local and global level. Take a positive stance and be proactive, help the vulnerable in your area, support the work of charities by getting involved or donating, fight animal cruelty, buy sustainable and organic – there are so many ways to make a difference. I believe all of us doing the small things, adding our voice to a chorus is more effective than a few going all out. Tending your garden is a life long pursuit that should continue long after the current crisis is resolved. Give of yourself in a sustained act of care, attention and devotion to the world beyond you.

Above all, be kind.

The Holistic Glow Up – “This above all: to thine own self be true”

Re-connect and Ignite

“This above all: to thine own self be true”


Many of us have more time on our hands during this period of lock down in the UK and may be feeling stressed, anxious and frankly, a little lost. As the frenzy of modern life is halted we may feel the pull to embrace interests and passions long cast aside, and to reconnect with our true selves. With many external distractions stripped away you might feel like you’re raising your head from the slumber of homogeneity and wondering “how the hell did I get here?” Never has there been a better time to take time to reflect on and sit quietly with oneself as now.

In this first day of our holistic glow up, I invite you to take this journey of self re-discovery, to meditate, reflect and implement changes that will, when this current craziness is over, re-ignite the essence that is uniquely you, and you alone.

Find yourself an empty notebook that you can dedicate to your journey, it doesn’t have to be fancy it’s what you place in it that matters. On the very first page write something that you have read that has resonated with your soul. It could be a poem, a line from a novel or film, a mantra or words of wisdom passed to you from a loved one. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it touches you.
If you are a visual person you could if you wish select an image instead, this could be a painting, a place or photograph that reminds you of a time when you felt most connected to yourself. Equally, there’s nothing to stop you adding both written word and imagery. In fact I encourage to make this journal incredibly personal throughout.

When you have a quiet moment to yourself I invite you to recall:

1. What were you passionate about at in your late teens and early 20s?
2. What was it about that thing that put fire in your belly
3. Does it still resonate with you now or do you feel it was a childish fancy that you simply outgrew.
4. What are you passionate about now? Is it related -even tangentially- to the passion of your younger days, if ‘yes’ think about how, and if no ‘think about how they differ, are they indicative of growth, stagnation or apathy?

Find a quiet place and meditate on these questions, remember what it feels like to be ignited and driven by a passion. Tap into the concomitant emotions and then just sit with them for a while. Take a few minutes at the end of your practice to note down in your journal the answers. Remember, this is your journal you can keep your answers as long or as short as you like.

We can, I acknowledge have been a bit idealistic and fanciful in our younger days, but you can’t deny how great that vigour and passion was. We felt like we could change the world…….. and so you can now in your own way.

I’d like to close today’s post with the wonderful and very poignant words of Walt Whitman:

The untold want life and land ne’er granted,
Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find.


Image Credit: Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash