Silent Noon: A Visual intepretation by the Artist John Byam Shaw

Following on from yesterday’s post here is another painting by John Byam Shaw illustrating a different sonnet by Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s entitled Silent Noon. I love this image by Byam Shaw and I can’t help but feel that he is one of the most intuitive interpreters of Rossetti’s poetry. He seems to feel Rossetti’s meaning … Read more

Possession at a decadent pace

The world moves at such an incredible pace that it is easy to forget how joyful taking your time over something can be, whether its eating, walking or simply just being. About a month ago I started reading possession by A.S Byatt and rather than read it voraciously over a couple of days I decided … Read more

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – The Card-Dealer

From the soporific cadence of its opening line, ‘The Card-Dealer’ by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), unfolds its narrative in languid seduction. With masterly skill, the poem transports the reader to a heady non-corporeal plane; the space between the gossamer veil of life and death. The poem was inspired by a painting by the symbolist artist … Read more

Martin Greenland – ‘New Fiction’

‘New Fiction’ is the current exhibition of Martin Greenland’s work at the Cornerstone Gallery at Liverpool Hope University. Consisting of approximately 20 works the exhibition marks a triumphant return to Liverpool for Greenland following his success in 2006 when he won the John Moores painting prize for his work Before Vermeer’s Clouds. A statement for … Read more

The Visual Culture of Folk Music Part 2a: Ready Steady Folk!

Ready Steady Folk! In conversation with Steve Hardstaff, Artist, Designer & Performer Click here to watch part 2a: Ready Steady Folk! Part 2a Filmed and presented by Stella-Louise Halliwell With thanks to Steve Hardstaff, The Bolton Archive, The Working Class Movement Library, Jim Moray, Topic Records, Anthony Doherty & Guy Kilgallen Please note that every … Read more