Today’s Google Doodle: Fanny Eaton



Oh my goodness, I feel so emotional having seen today’s google doodle. Anyone who has chanced upon my blog in the past probably came for my art history content; specifically a number of posts about the Pre-Raphaelite model and Muse Fanny Eaton. The posts about Mrs Eaton remain to this day the most read posts on my blog and with good reason.

In my estimation Mrs Eaton is on an equal footing with Elizabeth Siddal as an important model, however unlike the aforementioned, Mrs Eaton has gone pretty much unnoticed until recent times.



The balance was somewhat redressed in the National Portrait Gallery’s exhibition ‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisters’ exhibition 2019. In which a number of paintings for which Mrs Eaton was the model was included. A number of people (in addition to my own modest contribution) have worked tirelessly to raise the profile of this much overlooked model, including the art historian Jan Marsh and Mrs Eaton’s descendent Brian Eaton. They too must feel elated to see today’s google doodle; as it firmly sites Mrs Eaton among the canon of Pre-Raphaelite stunners.


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  1. Yes – you are right! I am so delighted that all of our efforts have been rewarded by Fanny’s current fame. A big thank you to everyone who has helped bring her out of the shadows including yourself, Jan Marsh, Roberto Ferrarri, Pamela Nunn and others.

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