The Erlking

Take care! Take care! Heed this warning when travelling through woods and forests, because the Erlking and his Daughter live there. Traditionally, the Erlking is a malevolent spirit who preys upon travellers as they pass through the forest, ultimately carrying them to to their deaths. There have been numerous ballads inspired by this familiar figure … Read more

The Visual Culture of Folk Music Part 2a: Ready Steady Folk!

Ready Steady Folk! In conversation with Steve Hardstaff, Artist, Designer & Performer Click here to watch part 2a: Ready Steady Folk! Part 2a Filmed and presented by Stella-Louise Halliwell With thanks to Steve Hardstaff, The Bolton Archive, The Working Class Movement Library, Jim Moray, Topic Records, Anthony Doherty & Guy Kilgallen Please note that every … Read more

The Visual Culture of Folk Music, Part One: Victorian Articulations

The short documentary Victorian Articulations has now been removed. Many galleries kindly licensed images for a short period owing to the project being a student one, the rights to use certain images has now expired. To all those who helped with the project I would one again like to extend my thanks. Victorian Articulations written … Read more