The Holistic Glow-Up Part 4: Manifest

Today as a part of our Holistic Glow-Up i’m going to invite you to create a vision board. This may be a familiar practise for those already conversant with “The Secret” and the Law of attraction. For those new to this idea I here cite the philosopher and author, Bob Proctor: “The Secret gives you … Read more

The Blackbird by William Morris

   The Blackbird Listen to the blackbird singing To the red flush in the west! Of all that sing the spring in The blackbird singeth best O! how the music swelleth! As he flutters there hard by, For joy of the tales he telleth, For the song that shall never die. The young lime where … Read more

A new broom

When I started this blog over six years it had a very particular purpose: a means of documenting a specific research project. When the project was completed my interest in the blog waned, my posts became sporadic and inevitably ceased. The blog was abandoned and alone, left to languish in cyberspace with only the occasional … Read more

Dear Mr Lee, Shakespeare is a national disaster

Its Shakespeare’s birthday hurrah! I love Shakespeare, however I’m feeling a bit mischievous and here offer the irreverent musings of the poet UA Fanthorpe. Although I don’t share the adolescent protagonist’s assertion that ‘Shakespeare… is a national disaster’, I am amused by it. UA Fanthorpe had a distinguished career as a teacher, but chose to … Read more

Possession at a decadent pace

The world moves at such an incredible pace that it is easy to forget how joyful taking your time over something can be, whether its eating, walking or simply just being. About a month ago I started reading possession by A.S Byatt and rather than read it voraciously over a couple of days I decided … Read more